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Haha, just personal stuff; ignore this.
Commissions I'm waiting for :'D

Payment sent
60 --> Fiery-Fox-Girl (2/3)
20 --> Hanai-Kira
15 --> Noranu-chan

30 --> nyanami
30 --> IStoleYourPie
20 --> xEternalStar
30 --> CanisChou

30 --> hina-hinaswet
35 --> remon-sama
15 --> Kylaesthetics
30 --> ShinYuugen
50 --> lightinatunnel
25 --> DragonsDwelling
396 --> shintenipuri contest winner

Total: 786

Payment still owed
5 --> zevlag21
40 --> dreamangels40
30 --> TheQuietDummy

396 --> shintenipuri contest winner
636 --> shintenipuri contest winner

Total: 711


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
People's Republic of China
Home of Perimones's TeniPuri fanart account

I haven't forgotten about these DD:
They're like... "rainy day" sort of art ideas.

Requests List: (comment here)
Original post:…
Requests will not be done in order, but rather by inspiration

:star:: Currently working on
[-----]: Completed
*: Trade (will start after receiving other half)
**: Trade (received other half)

Rikkai mini comic for: maeinli
Atobe & Kamio for ashkahchan *
Kurobane & Amane for: watermelontree *

Shiraishi, Kintarou, & Zaizen for: shiraishi_fan67
Shiraishi & Kenya for: elly_chan00
Niou w/ children for: calliopem_erato

Sanada, Yukimura, Akachan [family] for: tsundelenxkaho
Sengoku for: unerase *
Shishido & Choutarou [married, w/ children] for: green_tea_river
Hiyoshi & Gakuto for: Reyvwen
Ryoma & Karupin for: karupinluv
Jirou for: animelovermitsuki101

Kite & Tezuka for: persuastrix
Sanada & Tezuka for: marourin
Tezuka & Yukimura [yukata; fireworks] for: eijisenpai
Yukimura & Sanada for: yoshikochan
Shiraishi & plants [gardening/reading] for: amari_sakura
Ryoga for: enko_chan *
Niou & Yagyuu for: eternalkanda **
Amane & Oshitari Y for: zorbazura001 **
Marui for: Ruri-Irur *
Marui & Kisarazu R for: chibi-charm
Inui & Kaido for: SparkyCasper
Suikawari for: xXDarkPhoenix
Niou [prank] for: seiichu
Yagyuu for: lucathia_rykatu **
Tachibana A & Kirihara [as children, pinky promise] for: moehoshi *
Zaizen for: inazumaookami *
Shishido for: inazumaookami *

Yukimura & Atobe [team rivalry] for hikari_ishikawa *
Krauser for: inazumaookami *
shintenipuri Secret Santa

Mizuki & Yuuta for miundel
OOC Choutarou for: inazumaookami *
Silver_swap @ LJ
Rikkai Exchange @ LJ

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chibi-charm Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Student
mizu-kun! here's some better cakes than last year! :iconcakepinkplz::iconcakechocplz:
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:iconisawitplz: Welcome to the madhouse :crazy:

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could you please donate me?
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Ah, chocolate <3
Thank you~!!
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you must look at this or die! ˛_ˇ
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thanks so much for the watch :iconiloveyouplz:
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